The Search for Truth

 By Pat Regan 


 This book is dedicated to my good friend Tess Barnett.  Without her sterling assistance none of this would have been possible.

In this book I aim to interlace numerous fascinating stories from the public of UFO sightings, along with various theories as to what they could or indeed could not be.  

From long periods of research, my desire is to blend logical thought with mystery over the unknown and thereby bring a new and greater awareness into this frequently misunderstood issue; an issue that has captivated the imaginations of millions of us since the dawn of time.  

The term “UFO” is one that creates many different and at times amusing reactions in peoples everywhere.  

The narrow-minded critic, who has decided in his wisdom that it’s all utter bunkum, sees the term like a bull allegedly sees a red rag and makes it something that is only fit for derision and contempt. 

The scientific type will fit into either the believer or disbeliever category and usually into the latter one due to fear of ridicule by professional colleagues etc.  The active news journalist will usually want to get at sensational stories, yet at times takes the position of hardnosed critic, if this suits the story at hand. 

The devout UFO believer will not have anything bad said about the term and, in classic bohemian fashion, sees most critics as intolerant enemies of freedom, truth and liberty. Therefore, in effect the staunch critic and committed believer are two sides to the same coin. They both find logical middle – ground hard to achieve (at least on a subconscious level) and they dig their heels firmly into their inflexible agendas.  

The ordinary man/women in the street is reasonably interested in UFOs, yet unless they have seen something extraordinary in the skies for themselves will largely rely on the efforts of believers or disbelieves for their opinions. This is the class that most of us fit into. It is however a common starting point for many of us that can create unwarranted bias one way or another within the UFO axis.  

When one has been personally touched by the unknown, things do however change and greater questions start to be asked. What was it; why was it there; why did I see it on that particular day? This is in fact how I become at first fascinated and later connected with the term UFO. I wanted genuine answers and very soon discovered that out there was a much larger world of inquisitive minds that also wanted similar answers to the unexplained. 

This mesmerizing quest into the mysteries of the unknown has taken my serious attentions across the length and breadth of my own country and beyond, to the far shores of the USA, Australia, Cyprus etc.  

In this exhilarating search for UFO truth I have spoken with countless individuals and had the pleasure of recording, for posterity, their at times bizarre and rewarding experiences with the unknown. I must salute them all for having the valour to express them selves and come forward with their amazing UFO stories.  

In the 21st Century, we now live in more enlightened times. Nevertheless, once these honest testimonies would have been met with mockery and disdain and even pious allegations of heresy, in the not so long distant past.  

My greatest wish is to get at the truth behind the frequently misunderstood veil concealing the international UFO phenomena.  

This book will I believe help to achieve this goal.  

The six million dollar question – “Are we alone in the Universe?”  

My personal answer to this would have to be redirected in the form of a counter-question:  

“Can anyone be so small-minded, elitist, and in fact so terminally stupid, to even consider that the awesome Life Force of all Creation only extends its wondrous remit to this one tiny blue/green speck, which we call Earth?  

No – we are not alone – we never have been alone and we shall never be alone!”


What do others say? 

“This book is no dry analysis of a quaint mystery. It's a muscular thesis that isn't afraid to take on the difficult issues and ask the questions that more traditional UFO researchers have avoided. Buckle up, readers, and get ready for one hell of a ride.” 

(World renowned Ufologist, Nick Pope)

“Pat Regan's own first-hand experience and his research into the MoD UFO files make his book a very authoritative read.” 

(Bill Birnes, UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine)

"Pat's authoritative research into the darkest corners of the UFO phenomena cuts right to the heart of the matter and is a long overdue assessment of this complex phenomena" 

(Andy Russell, Top UFO Researcher)

"The field of Ufology can't have enough books that tackle these vexing issues head-on. Pat Regan's new book, UFO: The Search for Truth can now certainly be added to the list of those that provide new and valuable insights to those looking for the truth." 

(Lloyd Pye, Starchild Project)


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