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Dirty Politics - exposing the facts behind the spin today!

Learn how to counter the typical third-hand political propaganda from our despotic authorities!

If you are sick of political and council-based treachery, hypocrisy and stifling propaganda then this book is just the right tonic for you.  The exclusive content in this book, which is written from hard-won personal experience, affects every member of society in one way or another. The critical  issues raised involve  us all on an international basis.

Dirty Politics cuts through the blinding smog of overt bureaucracy and clearly shows us how politicians are misusing controversial claims of global warming, critical global energy concerns and recycling myths to endorse their stealth taxes and hidden agendas against us all.

Dirty Politics effortlessly reveals the lies and transparent propaganda surrounding ineffective ‘alternative’ energy sources along with the ongoing wildlife habitat destruction by hypocritical councils and cold-blooded, point-scoring politicians.

But what do others think?

Dr Rita Pal, of NHS Exposed, commenting on Dirty Politics But what do others think?

 "Well, I consider Pat to be an excellent writer, a wonderful campaigner and a very intelligent man. I am sure his book is going to be amazingly successful. And yes, I do recommend that people buy his book!"  

Doretta Cocks of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection said:

"The issues surrounding fortnightly rubbish collections in Pat Regan's borough echoes the experiences of countless other residents throughout the UK. This book exposes much of the hypocrisy surrounding "green" policies. It is clear more and more people are starting to question the assurances they are given and whether, in fact, we really are "saving the planet. This is a hard-hitting book which shows great insight into topical matters such as climate change, global warming and habitat destruction. The author quite rightly questions claims made by some scientists and provides counter-responses by experts. One major criticism most local authorities, and even national Government, use to attack anyone who should challenge the quality of waste collection services is "You don't care about the environment." As Pat so eloquently describes the campaigns he has been involved in over a number of years, that accusation can certainly NOT be levelled at him. I share his genuine concerns that our local environments are being adversely affected by the loss of weekly refuse collections. Fly tipping is increasing and the brown rat population is booming in areas where fortnightly rubbish collections have been introduced. From his local perspective Southport is under the spotlight yet he covers experiences across the country and highlights the inconsistencies from one borough to another. One thing is certain - many thousands of people are telling the Councillors elected to serve them that rubbish needs to be collected once a week. Some have listened and restored this service - others continue to deny the very real problems."

 Learn the facts or stay in the dark - the choice is yours!  

Will you permit the political movers in there ivory towers to control your mindset with their well-rehearsed spin, or will for find out the hard-hitting facts today? Public apathy and ignorance are great gifts for the political elite who pull the strings behind the scenes, for their own advantage at our expense. Nevertheless, we all have a genuine right to know what they are up to and this is specifically where Dirty Politics comes in.

Dirty Politics is the exclusive analysis that numerous point scoring politicians worldwide would dearly love to suppress, yet it is here and it is available for you to discover right now!

 Pat Regan’s unique work is not based on fiction; wishful-thinking, opinion or personal gain. It was written from the heart by a committed community activist who has been at the sharp – end of political intrigue, intimidation and deception for many years. The book was written simply because sooner rather than later someone had to approach such a courageous exposure.

The incredible contents of Dirty Politics affect us all today!



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